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Gloria Sprayers - Home and Garden

In the garden, the greenhouse or in your household - our sprayers are welcome helpers everywhere. At home you can use one of the many GLORIA sprayers for watering your balcony plants or small flowering plants and bushes. Depending on model and equipment version, the sprayers can also be used for professional applications in nurseries or for agricultural purposes.

Fine and Pressure sprayers for multiple applications

The product portfolio ranges from small hand-held sprayers with double-action precision pump, to highly robust pressure sprayers made from shock resistant plastic, right down to high capacity sprayers with device bodies in robust steel or stainless steel.

Piston knapsack sprayers for professional use

For plant care in large gardens, in vineyards, forestry or in greenhouses - the GLORIA piston pump sprayers have exactly the right characteristics: extended reach due to their large fill quantities, and flexible application based on their ergonomic handling.